Hi There, I'm Christian,

an analytics consultant who helps companies generate value from their data, improve their planning, and become more efficient.

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A brief autobiography

I grew up at beautiful Bodensee (Lake Constance) in southern Germany. Being a kid, I wanted to become a customs officer to wave the cars through, then a garbageman, and then a physician. Luckily though, I enrolled in a university program in information systems, and gradually shifted focus to business analytics, algorithms, machine learning, and operations research. Consequently, I stayed at the Technical University of Munich researching in the field of operations research, went to Austin Texas for joint research with Prof. J. F. Bard, and obtained my PhD in 2020. 

Upon completion of my PhD, I went into management consulting as an Operations Research expert at Bain & Company where I used my skills in exciting projects across industries. The challenge shifted from developing innovative methodologies to applying best practices and deliver results. Most of my work concerned supply chain management and production planning. 

When my dermatitis flared up, I decided to take a timeout. After a while, I started taking on occasional projects and ending up being a regular contractor by accident. It was a win-win situation. My clients employed me whenever they needed analytics expertise they didn’t possess, and I enjoyed taking full responsibility and being independent. 

Besides coming up with and building analytics models, I love skiing, country music, partner dances, and I have a weakness for cheese cake.

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